Beautiful, functional and versatile LED channel lights and aluminum profiles LED suit a variety of purposes and budgets to illuminate dark spaces, enhance ambiance and beautify their settings. These cost-effective, easy to assemble and install lighting solutions provide decorative interior accent lighting for furniture, pictures, as night lights, window lights, safety lights, lamps, and endless other decorative touches.

They are used as utility lighting in shops, closets, under cabinets, inside cabinets for backlighting, on cabinet storage shelves, exhibition booths, and other necessary illumination to enhance safety. There are colors, shapes and designs to fit seamlessly into walls, ceilings, underside of steps, along baseboards, in corners and many unique spaces.

Aluminum profiles led are customizable housing to fit any LED strip lights project. These protective covers also act as a heat sink to increase brightness over time and the service life of the bulbs. Mix and match LED channel lights with complementary aluminum profiles LED to achieve a professional and finished style on your LED projects.

LED channel lights run on DC12V or DC24V input current. A wide selection of rounded, triangular, rectangular, L, V and U-shaped and other aluminum housings and designs are available to serve general purpose applications and as surface mounted or recessed types to achieve desired effects. Lifespan of bulbs listed is approximate, as LED bulbs are affected by many variables, but LED bulbs tend to have long lifespans and bright output.

Aluminum Profiles LED Series Summary

Available colors for all: cool white, natural white, warm white, red, yellow, green, blue
Available PC Covers for all: Diffuse, Clear, Milky, V2 Fire Resistant Rate

  • Aluminum led profile – V shape
  • Recessed LED channel – best selling aluminum profile series, flat shape
  • strip aluminum profile – recessed wall
  • led aluminum profile – L shaped stair or cabinet light
  • LED Stair Light – aluminum extrusion
  • Pendant 6063 aluminum – round led supplier
  • LED aluminum profile – L shape stair light
  • LED Channel Lights – aluminum profiles Pendant O shape