G4 g9 lighting bulbs for category page

G4 LED bulb series are preferred over other 10-20W lights as they offer a longer a life span and are upto 80% more energy efficient. These LED’s have numerous applications because of their compact size, low heat output and easy installation. They are commonly used is decorative, under-cabinet and RV lighting although they are gaining popularity as an alternative lighting choice for both commercial and office spaces.

Our range of G4 bulbs come in a variety of voltages to fit the needs of different power supplies and installation requirements. They can act as a direct replacement to your existing halogen G4’s although a change of the transformer may be required. Apart from providing you with a very long lamp life – upto 50000 hours, these lamps can also help you save a considerable amount of money on your electricity bills. As most G4 LED’s run on native voltage of just 12V, the installation of these bulbs are relatively low cost and simple.

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