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G9 led bulb are light halogen bulbs that that rather than having screw in bases feature looped metal prongs. Most standard bulbs for home fixtures and lamps come with the “Edison” screw socket, which is a ridged and round metal pin of protrusion that has the role to physically screw into a base. Halogen lamps have instead two looped prongs of thin metal looking like stiff wires, used to connect into halogen fixtures. Halogen lamps usually feature a fill gas and a tungsten filament. Because of the halogen cycle, the tungsten filament can last longer than they do in standard incandescent lamps.

They come in a wide variety of wattage ratings and sizes and are suitable for many different settings. They are pretty small and often available in a frosted or clear finish. Among their most popular uses are included the accent lights, desk lamps, and small appliances. These sorts of halogen lightning devices have the advantage of being long lasting and very efficient. However, users need to be careful because they can also get very hot very quickly. They should not be touched after use until completely cooled down and they shouldn’t be used in close proximity to upholstery, fabric, or paper, because of the risk of fire.