Enkonn offers an exceptional range of high-quality, low-profile, flexible LED strip lights that are CE and RoHS certified.

If you are in the market for flexible LED strips as decorative lighting to illuminate an indoor or outdoor space, we have a selection of non-encased ribbon strips, silicon-encased strips, and RGB flexible LED strip lighting, in non-waterproof and waterproofed and IP-rated (outdoor) versions. Products come in a variety of SMD configurations, colors, widths, and lengths as PCB strips (white, brown, or black) that can be bent and angled.

Super bright 5630 SMD ribbon strips are designed with light decay and heat dissipation in mind. They are configured with either 60, 72, or 75 LEDs and come in color temperature ranges for emitting a warm or cooler white light. We offer choices of DC12V or DC24V as working voltage, as well as a stable, constant voltage variety and a dimmable product.

High brightness 5050 SMD strip lights are available with 48, 60, or 120 (double width) LEDs in a variety of colors: red, green, blue, yellow, and white and warm white. We also offer an RGB flexible copper strip with 60 SMD 5050 LEDs and dimming controller.

Slimmer profile 3528 SMD strips are available with 30, 120 (single or double row widths), 180, or 360 (four row) LEDs. An even smaller 2835 SMD strip light with 60 LEDs in white/warm white is also available that is brighter than 3528 SMD and 5050 SMD lights.

Enkonn flexible LED strips are available in lengths from 0.5 meter to 5-meter reels and are cuttable every 5 centimeters (about 2 inches) to customize the length you need. Products are easy to install with sticky tape on the backside or, optionally, may be secured with screws in mounting clips (sold separately).

Inquire about our 3-year warranty, our quality assurances, testing before delivery, and how Enkonn can improve your business as your LED lighting partner.